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Chung Shan Creative Hub Taipei, Taiwan, August 17th, 18th, and 19th, 2012, outdoor animated video installation by Jim Ovelmen



PRIMORDIAL TYPHOON is was an outdoor video installation project by Jim Ovelmen that will involve involved the projection of animated video on both sides of the Chung Shan Creative Hub building in Taipei. The major projection will be was on the park-side (or grassy side) of the building. A smaller projection will be was on the square side of the building. See the above previsualization video used for the proposal. And also the video of the completed project.

Video will be was projected on both sides of the building using two projectors, the projector on the square side will use used a mirror to move the image. The park-side projection is was an animation that highlights hilited the existing trees and natural features of the building facade. A Typhoon blows the trees and leaves and debris appear to fly away. In the animation, the debris turns into larger, fantastical shapes.

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On the other, square-side of the building, an animated image of a embryo was projected, and moved along the facade. This embryo had "evolved" from the fantastical debris blown from the other side of the building. The embryo was a circular image that constantly changes and seems to be "evolving". The image moved around the facade by a mirror which is rotating and alters the projection beam.

Primordial Typhoon reflects the unsteady idea of nature
and cycles of political and environmental mutation. The word "Primordial" suggests the beginning state of change or of a seed or soup of generation. “Typhoon”
while of course, being indigenous to Taiwan, can mean the rapid changes that can
happen in nature and society.