Poison Arrow notes



Poison Arrow as you can hear, needs more lyrics and song structure.

I left the CLICK TRACK on in this recording so if you can use it for reference to create your new solo voice track, you can (or your recording engineer) can synch to perfect time.

To download the song here to an audio file, just RIGHT CLICK the link below with your mouse, and "save link as.." that should be good for MP3 reference that you can use:

Poison Arrow (in progress)

I think its off to a good start. I know you can come up with more really good lyrics. Because you mainly wrote the words to this song, and developed the singing melody, I think you should continue and finish it to your completion (or satisfaction)

I think it needs a "bridge" somewhere in the middle, where you can go into a chord change and/or different feeling and insert this before returning back to the "poison arrow" chorus.

As long as you keep in pitch and in time with the recording here, it will be no problem to create instrumentation, and creativity on my end, and put all together to finish it.

This song will for sure take some time. Don't worry about rushing to finish it. Just schedule a whole day of recording time (at your rec studio in tennessee?) and finish this to your heart's content.

You may first want to try using a simple audio recorder (or if you have an iphone) and practice by recording your voice ideas first to get organized...Then write down all your lyrics and, finally, professionally record your voice singing. Of course, then, you will have to use a professional mic (hopefully a recording studio) for it to match the quality of original recording.

Please just send me the voice track only (isolated)..and please send me high the high quality audio file from your engineer. (it should be like a WAV file, not an MP3.)

THANKS, and GOOD LUCK..I am excited to hear the results...