1) Bass Man Jim Ovelmen, Brian Cooper, Justin Moore

(2) Drugs to the Rescue Jim Ovelmen, Brian Cooper

(3) The Collector's Control Jim Ovelmen, Brian Cooper

(4) Ambient versus Ambient Jim Ovelmen, Brian Cooper, Justin Moore

(5) Buck Your Lambs Jim Ovelmen, Brian Cooper, Justin Moore

(6) The Pacemaker Cooper, Ovelmen, Moore

(7) A Thanks to Blonde Beards Cooper, Ovelmen, Moore

(8) Promising Frontiers Cooper, Ovelmen, Moore,

(9) Protoplasm Cooper, Ovelmen, Moore,

(10) Whirling RedneckCooper, Ovelmen, Moore

(11) Face Cooper, Ovelmen, Moore


(12) Antartica C ooper, Ovelmen, Moore

(13) BelieveCooper, Ovelmen

(14) AlhambraCooper, Wang, Ovelmen, Moore

(15) Back In Taipei Cooper, Ovelmen, Moore

(16) A Glass HeadacheCooper, Ovelmen, Moore, Vera Lin

(17) Fumes Cooper, Ovelmen, Moore, Zamani

(18) Please Remain Calm Cooper, Ovelmen, Moore

(19) Nice Guy Cooper, Ovelmen, Moore

(20) Sand In My BottleCooper, Ovelmen

(21) Something Wanted Cooper, Ovelmen

(22)PROMISING FRONTIERS (studio) Cooper, Ovelmen

(23) SOMETHING WANTED (studio) Cooper, Ovelmen


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