(1) Captivo drums: Timmy Jordan, guitar/voice: Brian Cooper, sitar/voice: Jay Stuckey, flute: Burkhardt, bass/keyboard: Jim Ovelmen, dobro effects: Ruby Snyder

(2) Magic Number drums: Jordan, guitar: Cooper, sitar/voice: Stuckey, flute: Burkhardt, bass/keys/tympanis: Ovelmen

(3) Say What You Want, But Don't Do That guitar: Ovelmen, bass: Stuckey, drums: Jordan, voice: Cooper

(4) The Answer Is Never No vocal/guitar: Cooper, sitar: Stuckey, bass: Ovelmen, drums: Jordan, sax: Burkhardt

(5) There's Fire In The Rocklbass/keyboard/voice: Ovelmen, sax: Burkhardt, drums: Jordan, sitar/voice: Stuckey, guitar/voice: Cooper, dobro bass loop: Snyder.

(6) You Have Cause to Blame sitar: Stuckey, keyboard: Ovelmen, vocal/guitar: Cooper, drums: Jordan, flute: Burkhardt, dobro loop effects: Ruby Snyder

(7) You Will Call, I Will Fall guitar: Cooper, bass/keys/tampanis/tamborine: Ovelmen, sitar/voice: Stuckey: flute: Burkhardt, dobro loop effects: Ruby Snyder




JULY 19th , 2015