(1) Intro and Full Moon Intro/sax; Thomas Burkardt, bass/keyboard/vocals: Ovelmen, drums: Timmy Jordan, sitar/voice: Jay Stuckey, guitar/voice: Brian Cooper

(2) Poolside Understood sitar: Stuckey, keys/vocal: Ovelmen, flute: Burkhardt, vocal/guitar: Cooper

(3) Times More Familiar tympani: Stuckey, bass/bgvoca/electpiano Ovelmen, flute: Burkhardt, vocal: Cooper.

(4) Malitov Cockatiel vocal: Cooper, bgvocal/organ: Ovelmen, bass: Stuckey, drums: Jordan, sax: Burkhardt

(5) It's A Bad Day To Be British vocal: Cooper, guitar: Ovelmen, sax: Burkhardt, drums: Jordan, bass/voice: Stuckey

(6) Party Foul_Come A Day vocal/sitar: Stuckey, synth/bass: Ovelmen, vocal: Cooper, drums: Jordan, flute: Burkhardt

(7) You Will Phone vocal/guitar: Cooper, bass/keys/moog/voice: Ovelmen, timpani: Stuckey: sax:: Burkhardt

(8) Absence bass: Ovelmen, drums: Jordan, flute: Burkhardt, sitar/voice Stuckey, vocals/guitar: Cooper,

(9) A Fire is Like an Empty Cage drums: Jordan, guitar/vocal: Cooper, bass: Ovelmen, flute: Burkhardt, sitar: Stuckey, keyboards: Ruby Snyder, trumpet: Vignes Roof Revival, typani: some pychotic guy

JULY 4th , 2015